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Why Physical NFT’s?

Digital only is boring! Wouldn’t you like to collect and trade Real Items on the blockchain? NiftyLocker’s NFT’s are digital deeds to real world goods that you can trade, sell, collect AND redeem for the actual items.

Our NFT Collections

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Ready to Redeem?

When you’re ready to move from digital collecting to holding the real items, we’re ready to redeem your NFT’s and ship your treasure. We ship our physical NFT items anywhere in the World and specialize in shipping within North America. Find out how to redeem your token.

A Guide to Profiting with NFT’s

New to this hobby? We’ll show you a new take on an old favorite – making money!

“Having access to the
library was all well and good, but as a collector you had to own the book.” John Baxter

Collecting anything is about the joy of finding, the thrill of seeking. But keeping that collection takes space, requires moving and can result in damage. allows the collection of physical goods without the inconvenience of keeping them with you. Our collectibles are stored ready for the day you want to take physical ownership.

In the mean time, you can buy and sell, trade and collect. All with the knowledge that when you are ready… they are waiting to join you. Own it. Sell it. Enjoy it. Its all possible with

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