Get Your First NFT Free

You’ve heard all about the NFT craze and we want to help you get started with giving you your very first NFT for free. We’ll show you how to get setup to collect, trade and sell NFT’s and we’ll give you details on how to have us gift you a real NFT that is redeemable for real world physical goods. offers NFT’s that are different than most. Our’s are deeds to real world objects that you can collect. Pokemon, Lego and so many other collectible’s can now be traded, collected and sold digitally. Build your collection and when you are ready, redeem the tokens and the physical objects will be sent to you.

Step One – Get a Digital Account

We recommend as the best place to start collecting and trading NFT’s. They have a great tutorial on how to download your digital wallet (MetaMask) and get logged into their service. Follow their tutorial to the point you have reached your account page, then come back here. You don’t need to buy anything – we’ll be giving you and NFT free of charge.

Here is their tutorial:

Step Two – Claim Your Free NFT

We’re going to gift you a single pokemon card as your free NFT. The card will appear in your digital wallet but it represents a real actual pokemon card that is sitting in our warehouse. Once you own it, you could redeem the token for that card anytime you want.

Chances are, you don’t want to redeem a single card. But, owning it will get you started in understanding how NFT’s work.

We need your public account address to be able to send you the card. You’ll find that on your OpenSea account page. If you have trouble finding your account page, you can use this link:

Your Account Page

Right under your name, you’ll see a number like this:


Click the number to copy it (or highlight and use copy and paste).

The next step is to send us that number so we can send your NFT. The number is your public account so while we can use it to send you a card, no one can use it to take your card. Don’t ever share your private number (key). Its harder to find for a reason! Anyone who has your private key can steal your money and NFT’s.

Email your public account number to:

We transfer your card manually, so expect to wait at least a few hours for it to appear. We’ll email you as soon as its sent. Once we send it, it arrives in your account in just a couple minutes.

Step Three – Start Collecting!

You can use your OpenSea account to collect all sorts of NFT’s. Many you will find are fully digital. But some like ours represent real objects that you can redeem. sells a variety of collectibles that you can add to your account. We accept Paypal, ETransfer, Cash and of course Bitcoin. Explore our website to learn more about what we offer and consider purchasing more items. You may want to see the section about how to earn money by collecting Physical NFT’s.


If you have questions about we would be glad to help. Just email us at and we’ll do our best to help out.

Enjoy your new hobby!