NFT Redemption

Ready to redeem your NFT for the physical item it represents? Great! Read on to learn how.

A sample box is shown ready to ship to the owner of the NFT.

Our NFTs present physical items until they are redeemed. Depending on the platform of issue, the token will be destroyed or held in a redemption account. Once the NFT has been redeemed, the digital version is no longer available for sale or trade and has no value.

Currently, to ensure the highest quality of service we process redemption’s manually. The process begins by you contacting us to arrange for redemption. You can call or email us – the details are below.

You will be required to transfer the digital NFT to us during the redemption process. We are unable to redeem item’s for anyone who does not hold private key associated with the NFT.

We can ship the item to any address you request. You will see details on the item page about any shipping that has been prepaid. You are responsible for paying any additional shipping fees and taxes at time of redemption. Generally within Canada RST/PST/GST/HST may be charged depending on the shipping address. Items ship without charge to the USA and Worldwide, but you are responsible for any import duties, taxes and fees.

Individual NFT item pages show the status of the storage of the item. Most items are stored free for five years before additional storage fees apply. Any unpaid fees are due at the time of redemption.

We generally ship items three times a week. Processing time from initial contact to shipping is usually less than five days and when all details are immediately available can be as fast as 24 hours.

To begin redemption, call us at 204-734-6044 or email

Include the details of the NFT(s) you wish to redeem along with the shipping address you intend to use. We will be in touch to arrange for any fee’s owing and the provide you an address for digital NFT transfer. A tracking number will be provided to you once shipment has occurred.